the accident did not take place

Credit: The Other Richard

Credit: The Other Richard

Somewhere on the other side of the world a plane is falling from the sky.

You can see it on your laptop. You can watch it happening on Youtube.

You can hit rewind and watch it burning on repeat.

With a new guest performer taking to the stage each night, the accident did not take place is a hyperreal exploration of the way we consume information, and the way information consumes us. A frenetic, head-on collision with a world thoroughly mediated by screens, a world possessed with post-truth hysteria, a world yearning for contact with those who seem so far away.

Credit: The Other Richard

Credit: The Other Richard


★★★★★ ‘frightening and provocative’ - British Theatre Guide

★★★★★ ‘a unique and powerful show’ - Voice Mag

★★★★ ‘every moment is mesmerising… a super-clever questioning of truth onstage’ - The Stage

‘playful and exploratory… with shades of Forced Entertainment’ - The Guardian

Guardian Recommended Show of the Edinburgh Fringe 2019


Devised and performed by Emma Clark, Tilda O’Grady and Jon Hawkins

Words and Concept by Sam Ward

Produced by Rhian Davies

Lighting by Lucy Adams

Composition by SHAR

Associate Direction by Hannah Calascione

The development of the accident did not take place was supported by HOME, ARC Stockton, Camden People’s Theatre and Arts Council England. It opened on 31st July 2019 at Pleasance as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019, having been selected as one of the Pleasance Edinburgh Associates 2019.